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Apple Store NYC photos

Glass elevator and platform at the NYC Apple Store

Glass elevator and floor

The Fifth Avenue Apple Store in New York City is the most famous Apple store in the world. Located at the south-east corner of Central Park, the store is in the shape of a cube, made out of all glass and metal.

Spiral glass staircase of Apple Store New York City

Glass spiral staircase

The store's spiral glass stairway wraps around the cylindrical-shaped glass elevator. Shooting photography here is difficult due to the number of people in your shot.

Footprints on glass platform at Fifth Avenue Apple Store

Footprints on glass floor

Above ground is the glass cube entryway and below ground is the actual store. Looking up, people's footprints on the glass platform gives a shadowy effect.

Cylinder-shaped glass elevator at Apple Store NYC

Glass elevator

The futuristic glass elevator whooshes between the top and bottom floors. I had to wait five minutes to get this clean shot.

Apple logo on glass wall of 5th Avenue Apple Store

Apple logo on glass wall

The building's glass gives off reflections of the neighboring Fifth Avenue skyscrapers. In photos, the reflections almost appear pixelated, with a blueish-green hue.