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Bodie car photos

1937 Chevy car in Bodie ghost town

1937 Chevy coupe

Of the handful of vehicles remaining at Bodie ghost town, this 1937 Chevy coupe is the most iconic. It sits in a field behind the town's post office and men's lodge. The car's grill remains shiny while the body of the car has dulled to a maroon hue from decades of rusting.

Old wooden wagon at Bodie ghost town

Rotting wooden wagon

This old cart, complete with all four wagon wheels, has endured over a century of Bodie's harsh weather. Bodie lies on a high desert plateau at 8,400 feet elevation, exposing it to strong winds and freezing nights, even during summer months.

Abandoned truck in Bodie, California

Abandoned pickup truck

Riddled with bullet holes and dents, this old truck sits in south-western corner of Bodie. Its windshield is one crack away from shattering.

Green pickup truck in Bodie ghost town

Old green pickup truck

Parked outside of one of Bodie, California's dilapidated houses is this green pickup truck. Bodie used to have over two thousand structures, which supported a population of over five thousand, but most of these were destroyed in fires or collapsed after residents deserted the town.

View of Bodie, California through old work truck's windshield

Rusted truck frame

The view through the windshield of this rusted work truck shows Bodie's Miners' Union Hall and IOOF (Independent Order of Odd Fellows) Hall. Tall grass grows where its seats once were.

Rusted car frame in front of a Bodie abandoned house

Early 1900s car

An unidentified car from the early 1900s sits outside one of Bodie's better preserved abandoned houses. Long gone are its tires, seats, and anything else not metal.