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Harding Icefield photos

Alpine bearberry red color in the fall

Bearberry Arctostaphylos Alpina

Patches of alpine bearberry (scientific name Arctostaphylos Alpina) are common along the Harding Icefield Trail. The short shrubbery turns a vibrant red during Alaska's short fall season.

Exit Glacier along Harding Icefield Trail, Alaska

Harding Icefield alpine stream

The Harding Icefield Trail, located in Alaska's Kenai Fjords National Park, is an eight mile hike round-trip. After a few thousand feet of elevation gain, the trail ends with a sweeping view of Exit Glacier. This narrow alpine stream was lined with moss and led to a cliff overlooking the glacier.

Blue ice of Exit Glacier, Alaska

Exit Glacier blue ice

Exit Glacier flows out of the much larger Harding Icefield. The ice's turquoise tint signifies that it's older in age. Due to climate change, Exit Glacier has receeded hundreds of feet over the past decade.