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Matt Davis Trail photos

Wooden fence along Matt Davis Trail

Trail in early morning

The four mile long Matt Davis Trail begins in the small beach town of Stinson Beach, California and extends up to the Pantoll Ranger Station. During Winter and Spring months, the trail is known for its lush greenery and waterfalls.

Trees in fog on Matt Davis Trail

Mt. Tamalpais trees in fog

Coastal fog is common on the trail during morning hours and dissipates by lunchtime. Getting to the trail shortly after sunrise provides great light for photographers.

Curved trees on Matt Davis Trail

Trail with curved trees

Along the trail are lots of bent-over trees and ferns. Off to the left of this shot is a stream that the trail follows, which turns into a waterfall at some points.

Lush green Matt Davis Trail

Lush green, winding trail

This shot was taken close to where the trail starts in Stinson Beach. Many hikers combine the Matt Davis Trail with the Steep Ravine and Dipsea Trails to form a large loop.