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The Met photos

Granite Egyptian Sekhmet statues

Egyptian Sekhmet statue

This trio of statues of the Egyptian goddess Sekhmet are located in the Sackler Wing of The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Sekhmet was an Egyptian goddess of healing and war.

The Sackler Wing is one of the most iconic exhibits of The Met. It's been featured in movies such as the 1980's romantic comedy When Harry Met Sally.

Antique French chair by window

Antique French chair

The Met is massive and literally has millions of historical items in its collection (not all are on display however). You'd need about a week to fully appreciate all it has to offer. This antique, ornate French chair was in a less trafficked part of the museum and had soft light streaming in on it from the nearby window.

Headless Egyptian Hatshepsut statue

Headless Hatshepsut statue

Hatshepsut was an Egyptian female pharaoh that ruled for an estimated twenty years, considered to be a long reign compared to other pharaohs. This now headless statue made from diorite rock is found in The Met's extensive Egyptian collection.

Egyptian gold mummy sarcophagus

Gold mummy sarcophagus

Pictured is one of the Egyptian mummy sarcophaguses at The Met. Despite thousands of years of age, the condition of these artifacts is impressive.

Medieval knight's suit of plate armor

Knight's plate armor

The Arms and Armor Department is one of the museum's most popular attractions and contains over 14,000 pieces, many of which are from Europe's medieval period. This knight's suit of plate armor features great craftsmanship and ornateness.