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Garnet, Montana photos

Rusty beer cans in Garnet ghost town, Montana

Rusty beer cans

Garnet, Montana is a ghost town located an hour east of Missoula, where the Highlander beer cans above originated from. These cans were found in the town's general store, named after its owner, the Frank Davey Store. It was built around 1898 and continued operation until 1947, when the town had few residents left.

Old barrel in Garnet ghost town, Montana

Cracked, lopsided barrel

Garnet ghost town has about twenty structures still standing, two of which can be rented as lodging during the winter. This lopsided barrel was found in the general store, along with hundreds of other period items salvaged from the early 1900s.

Shoes on chair in Garnet ghost town, Montana

J.K. Wells Hotel

This old pair of shoes sitting on a chair was found on the second floor of the three-story J.K. Wells Hotel. The first floor included a parlor, dining room, and kitchen, while the second had individual rooms for rent, and the third was a large, communal room for travelers on a budget.

Old pair of skis in Garnet ghost town, Montana

Old pair of skis

The former mining town is located atop Garnet Mountain. Unlike most mining towns of the time, Garnet attracted mostly families and was tamer. Given Montana's harsh winters, these skis, found in the town's general store, saw lots of usage.